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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

May I cancel a booking request in any time?

Not at all. There is free cancellation 24h before the service. In hot periods of the year (like Fashion Weeks, Desing Weeks, public transport strikes et simila) free cancellations require 7 days of warning. Later this time there's no fine to pay, but the whole service. This to manage the best way for you and for us the fleet.

Is there any free waiting time for each run?

Off course there is. For each run there are 15 minutes totally free. That becomes 60 on airports and 90 on harbours. The waiting time is mean to be from the required pick up to the moment you jump in.

May I book a last minute run?

Sure. Chauffeur service in Italy requires that every run, except the ones already booked, must start from the shed. Assured that, the tecnical time of leaving the shed is required for a last minute call.

Is the payment necessary before the run? May I pay on board?

For new customers payment in advice is required. This just to avoid last minute cancellations with our vehicles already on the go with pre-established coincidences. You'll receive an sms with a link to pay directly with your credit/debit cart by yourself, not giving us or writing us your card data. Privacy first.

Does my informations are disclosured for thirdy part communications?

Absolutely not. Our keyword is confidentiality. Any information you'll give us or anything you'll talk about inside our vehicles, won't go outside the vehicle. At the same time, your personal data like mobile number or email, won't be used by thirdy part companies for promo et simila. Maybe we're going to use them to wish you a Merry Christmas. Just this.

What if I'd like some water on board? Is there any extra cost?

Absolutely not. Water, handkerchief, candies and Wi-Fi are absolutely FREE. If you don't see them or you don't know the wi-fi password, just ask the driver!

May I book a VAN if I'm alone?

Sure you can. Many customers prefer the comfort of a Mercedes V Class for every kind of run. Been able to raise your legs and rest your head on a comfrotable pillow is not typical of a Business class sedan.


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